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 How Does Money Change Relationships Quotes

1. If there are two people just as compatible with me, but one is more rich than the other, I would choose the rich one, with all other things being equal.
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2. Money and things can always be replaced, but not the lost lives.
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3. Some people want a life where emotion matters more than money, and some people value money more than they do the idea of putting so much weight on the connection that two people have that money becomes less of an issue.
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4. I believe love is important. But money, or the potential to earn it, is probably a factor most women consider when they choose to marry. 
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5. It's also normal to consider using marriage as a way to get access to greater wealth; men and women have done this throughout history. 
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6.  Everybody knows nothing comes with us when we leave this earth but still we are thirst of money. 
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7. I don't think that all relations are money relations , they maybe influenced by it cause the paper is shiny and buys stuff , but it doesn't buys Faithfulness.
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8. Your Parents are loving you not because you are earning money or you are going to earn money.
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9. Lots of different reasons, and not just a lack of money, having plenty and arguments over who has what, who spends what, the stress that money can put on a relationship are HUGE!
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10. The pressures of paying a debt can be more than some couples can handle.
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11. Money will give us the feeling that it alone is important which is when we lose value for everything else.
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12. MONEY MATTERS its upon us whom to value HUMAN RELATIONS OR MONEY
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13. I am not ready to believe that we have started valuing money over human relations because that's not what i see in my daily life.
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14. I believe that nowadays emotions have no market. If at all there is anything that rules the world, it is money.
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15. If you have money, even distant relatives comes to you. But if you don't have money, even close relatives start to recede away.
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16. I choose money, I can even attract relationships while enjoying the fruits of money.
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17. What will you do with lots of money if you will have no one to spend it on, joy is multiplied by sharing, and for that, you need people.
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18. Money, money and money without right relationship could wreck many lives.
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19. A good relationship can flourish with just little money and they can again have potential to multiply innumerable times easily and add many other in a healthy relationship.
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20. Today big money can fall out but big relationship can become stronger with time.
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21. A person cannot live with money alone as money by itself can never give him joy without someone to share it with.
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22. Relationships without money is like a sea without water.
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23. People wither away when they find you are penniless.
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24. We always go after money for better life but just think you been the worlds richest man and have no one your side..Its pathetic right? 
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25. I believed money wasn't important in a relationship. But reality welcomed me to its world. 
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26. Money is just one of the many issues that couples should communicate about.
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27. Partners should be similar when it comes how they want to handle money.  
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28. You probably want to have the bare minimum to be able to build a life together.  
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29. It’s the framework, values and plans involving money that are important in a relationship.   
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30. People who are with you when you don’t have a lot of money, who appreciate your person and not your wallet, these people are invaluable, like my girlfriend is.
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31. Of course money matters. We live in the World when money rules almost everything. But I will not allow them to rule my relationship.
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32. Money is the MOST important element to keep a relationship alive happily.   
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33. Money is the most important element. Absence of it can slowly kill all other elements too. End to Relation. 
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34. The day when you think or prioritize money that that day you lose people, relationship & almost every one.   
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35. Money does matter at your work where you earn decent amount for your loved ones so that you can fulfill their needs.
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36. Look around you, so much of fighting among people for Money.
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37. Money is an important aspect in relationships, we build dreams, some that flower, and castles in the sand, what holds us back is the money.
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38. Money is the binding factor , not the most important one, though I might suggest a marriage without money ends in a divorce.    
wealth is not measured by how much you have

39. Have you ever seen a relationship where in girl from a rich family in India is dating a guy from a middle class family?
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40. Money is the power factor in a relationship.  
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41. Hardly will you find a relationship wherein a husband earns less than or equal to his wife.
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42. Seek a relationship for money, the odds and probability is you will never be satisfied. 
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43. Better you grow yourself as rich and then find a right life partner for your life. 
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44. Money alone cannot form the base for a strong relationship, yet, is important.
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45. Better to be in a financially soothing relationship so that money doesn’t becomes a factor for any kind of issues in the relationship going further.  
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46. Really depends on how old you two are. The older you are, the more vital a role money plays in relationships. 
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47. Money is like a poisonous Cobra, and it will only destroy the relationship for good.
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48. Money is not the overall deciding factor about how two people will feel for one another but when was the last time love paid any bills or caused bill collectors to stop calling?
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49. When the desire can not be satisfied, the heart will be slightly unbalanced.
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50. The stress associated with financial distress can ruin an otherwise great relationship.   
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