Get Money Quotes - It's a Lifestyle Quote -

 Get Money Quotes - It's a Lifestyle Quote

 1. If you are leading a rich lifestyle but don't have a single minute to spend your time in your world or at least with yourself is useless.

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2. Success is not measured with money or lifestyle but with the satisfaction you get and have in it.

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 3. Money is a by product of what you are doing.

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 4. Money is the controller of a persons life.

money is most important thing in life quotes

 5. If he had money he will have all friends,relatives etc and if he have no money then he will be a big zero.

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 6. People love money more than relationships.

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 7. If money is there you can become a king and if there is no money you will be a beggar.

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 8. People respects each other looking the money power .If no money no respect.

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 9. Money is just a trifle in life.

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 10. Money is the greatest catastrophic invention of humans.

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 11. It is very remorse that we live in a society where brothers kill each other in need of greed for money.

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 12. Money is a part of life cycle where at one or other stage you need to pay attention in earning money because of the dreams which you have dreamt are not gonna be easy without money.

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 13. There are parents who sacrifice everything and work hard for money just to see happiness in the faces of their children getting successful.

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 14. Earning loads of money is like a deep Maze where one gets trapped more and deeper.

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 15. Life lived for money is useless.

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 16. When people become unhappy, or the reason to be unhappy most of times is linked to money.

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17. Life isn't all about money but it's fact that there is something about it.

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18. Money has no feeling, It’s nature is to flow, from one person to other.

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 19. Money is the necessity of Life , however you can use for good cause. 

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20. Juѕt likе уоu nееd food tо live similarly уоu nееd money tо survive.

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 21. Life give you positive hope which sometimes money can't.

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 22. Money is just a part of the larger scheme of things called life.

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